Friday, January 25, 2013

Jane at 20 months

Our little Janey girl is 20 months and it won't be long before she is 2!! 

At 20 months some of your favorite things are:

Baby dolls and babies.  You absolutely LOVE your baby dolls and are attracted to any baby you see.  You have gotten some good practice with your baby cousins and are very gentle and sweet with them, wanting to help give them their pacis or just to sit by them contentedly. I know you will be a wonderful big sister, although I think you will have to get used to Mommy holding another baby : )

You are very outgoing and love to be around people.  Every time we go somewhere you are waving at people and wanting to grab strangers just have a sweet congenial disposition and would have no problem kissing any stranger if I let you.  Most everyone is just charmed by your smile including Mommy.

We tell you all the time you are too cute for your own good.  Sometimes it is hard to discipline you when you give me this look...which is your "I know I just did something I wasn't supposed to.  Can I get away with it?" (this was right after you threw food off your high chair)

When you're not being mischevious you like to make us laugh. This is your "funny face"

 and your "fish face".

Your favorite foods are bananas, raw milk, blueberries, and you can be pretty hit or miss on most foods depending on your mood.

You love your sister, and you follow her around wanting to do whatever she is doing.  Sometimes you pester her, especially if she is watching a show and not paying attention to you.  You are still learning how to share which is probably the hardest thing to train you in right now.

You have a pretty short attention span, and can't sit still for very long but you do have certain favorite books you love me to read to you.  You love any book about cats or babies.  The only thing that can hold your interest for longer periods is and you will actually sit longer than 30 minutes for that.

You are really very smart, and your vocabulary has been growing and growing.  You love to tell people "Bess you" after they sneeze and that is just adorable.  You have learned to say please and thank you and can do small tasks such as throwing things away, cleaning up under your chair after you eat, throwing dirty clothes in the hamper, or putting your shoes away. 

You are still very much a "Mama's girl" and can still be very needy of me at times.  I think you will learn to grow out of that more once baby sister comes, although it will probably be a rough transition for you at first. 

I call you my "Sugar" because you give are so affectionate.  You would sit in my lap and rock most any time of day. Mommy loves you so much, and I am soaking up this time with you as my baby, although you know you always will be. 

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