Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pregnancy at 35 weeks and Her Name...

Here we are at 35's getting so close!
I realized I haven't done much updating this pregnancy, as this has been a pretty busy season in my life and not much time for blogging.
After we had the ultrasound around 20 weeks and found out the gender (girl by the way in case you didn't know!), they discovered a cyst they thought was on the umbilical cord.  It was suggested that I have a second ultrasound to take a closer look at this cyst and make sure it wasn't going to be a danger to the baby or to the pregnancy in any way.  During the second ultrasound, they were able to get a closer look and saw that it was actually on the placenta, not the cord, it had no blood flow in it, and that it shouldn't put the baby at risk in any way as long as she continued to grow according to her dates.  This was such a relief as we were really praying that this would turn out to be not a big deal!
So with that being is healthy and growing into quite the big girl!  She is very active, and a "stretcher" as I like to call her, as I don't remember my other 2 stretching out her legs the way she does...sometimes jabbing me with her little feet and jolting me a bit!
This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest on my body, especially after I somehow got a stress fracture in my left foot which took several months to heal...I also was low on my iron levels which was leaving me feeling pretty bad, but now that I have that leveled out I feel so much better! It is amazing how much just a small vitamin deficiency can effect so many areas of your health.  I feel pretty good right now though and am happy with where I feel physically, and feel prepared to face an all natural labor at a birthing center.  This new experience with midwives has been more than awesome, and I have learned so much from them it is crazy.  I just want to say, "This is my 3rd baby, and no one has taught me the things ya'll know about labor and birth!"  My full trust is in them and I am excited to face the challenge of natural labor, although my labor with Jane was anything but easy.
Also, many may not know this but I have been nannying part time since October, which is an added blessing for the income, but also added responsibility for this already tired Mama.  I am able to take the girls with me when I drive them to and from school, and it really is the ideal job for me being a stay at home mom.  I am so thankful the Lord provides the way he does, and the kids I nanny for really are great.
Did I mention we have a name for this new little girl? 
Yes...her name is Blaire Eliana.
Her name is very special in that she is named after my older sister who died shortly after birth from heart complications.  There would have been 3 sisters in my family. It is special for me to be able to name my daughter in remembrance of my sister who I will one day meet in Paradise, and that she will be the 3rd sister.
My best friend from high school's name is also Blaire, and so another reason we love the name. 
It is also a one syllable, which is a theme we might stick with for our kids.
Eliana is a name I have always loved, and it means "God has answered."
So there you have it!
I am soaking up these last days as a family of 4, and daily praying and trying to mentally prepare myself for Blaire's arrival.  My most challenging season may be ahead of me, but I know that His grace is sufficient for me, for His power is made perfect in weakness.  2 Corinthians 12:9
But what I have learned from hard seasons is...they can sometimes be the best seasons if we focus on ourselves LESS and on Him MORE. 
I'll remind myself of that when I'm up for the 3rd time at night to nurse a crying baby...truly a moment by moment focus. At least for a full time (sleep deprived) wife and mother it is : )
But I can't wait to do it all over again...motherhood is special and precious and a high calling and I thank God for redeeming me so I can pour my life out teaching my children to love Him, and to know Him. 


  1. I can't wait to meet Blaire! You look adorable!

  2. You look wonderful. Beautiful as always!

    I'm glad all is well and you are basking in these last few weeks. What a treasure it is to be with child. Such a gift.

    I love her name.

    Praying for a special labor and delivery!

  3. I didn't know that you were a nanny too. Praying for lots of energy for you. I love the story behind your precious girl's name. Can't wait to meet her!