Friday, October 29, 2010

Yay for Baby #2!!!!

We went to the doctor today, and confirmed that I am 11 weeks pregnant with a due date of May 23, 2011!  They did an ultrasound and this is what we saw...

You can see his little alien head and arms by the side of his body... and I say HE not for sure, but the doctor said she saw a little "something" that she only sees if its gonna be a boy.  But its really too soon to know for sure, but we'll see! I will give you a few updates about the baby and how my pregnancy is going so far...

Size of baby: 2 inches or about the size of a lime

Development of Baby: Most all structures are already formed in the baby.  Nails are growing, baby is moving around, the pituitary gland is making hormones, and digestive system is working.

How I'm feeling:  Pretty nauseaus, usually right before I eat or if I see certain foods or smell something really strong.  Completely different than when I was pregnant with Kay!  Still taking at least one nap a day when I can.

Cravings:  Root beer,  milk, and the Turkey Tom sandwich from Jimmy Johns.

So I can definitely tell a bit of difference in my belly, but others may not notice yet.  I didn't start showing until 22 weeks pregnant with Kay and I felt like I would just never look pregnant, but it may come quicker with this one, we'll see!

Keep us in your prayers as we rejoice in the life God has created!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

On Joey's week off, we knew we wanted to get some cute pictures of Kay at the pumpkin patch! So here are a few cute ones before it started raining on us!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Few New Pics

I'm finally getting around to posting some recent pictures of my almost 9 month old baby Kay!

 She has been as busy as ever and is always looking for a good game of chase with Momma : )  She laughs so much and is so interactive with everyone she meets.  I have discovered she loves to play with other babies and has a great time at our new Life Group with all the other little ones.
She is getting two new teeth up top and already has two on bottom.  She only ran fever a few times with the ones on bottom but hasn't with these two on top, so we are thankful!  We have had fun visiting family over the past few weekends since we didn't get to travel much this summer.
Here are a few pictures from our weekend in Woodville.

She loved the pool at Papa and Granny's house!

Reading with Granny : )

Playing with PawPaw!

She did try to eat a bug the other day too... it was a black beetle bug I pulled out of her mouth, still alive! 
That is the only time I will EVER touch one of those things! haha.

I love my little girl!  She is on formula now, as I didn't feel I was producing enough milk for her little growing body... and I feel she is fully satisfied with full bottles!  She only has a few more months before she is weaned from the bottle so I am glad I was able to breastfeed for a full 8 months, although I would have liked to have gone a year.  Except I am not thrilled with the price of formula... it is so incredibly expensive!  I feel sorry for the mom's who can't breastfeed because that is a pretty penny!

Well we gotta go for now, but until next time...
Have a relaxing weekend : )  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy's Home!!

Here's a little video I've been telling I will post... and I will post more pics/stories later today hopefully!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Taste of Something Green

Here is Kay tasting her first real green bean....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cupcake Fever

I have had extreme cupcake fever the past few weeks... and no I'm not pregnant : )
I haven't really indulged on my fever, but I just think about them alot, haha!

But Joey took time out of his VERY busy day today to go get me these!

Do I have the greatest husband in the world or what??  I don't even know exactly what is in them but all I know is that they are from Sweet Memories and they look delicious!!  He has always been so sweet to serve me... and get me treats!

And here is my sweetie...

She still eats books... : )

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She said "DaDa"

So for those of you asking for updates...

Kay said DaDa yesterday... and now its all she says!  She has never been much of a babbler or talker, but ever since she said it yesterday she hasn't stopped.  Joey and I had been trying to get her to say "MaMa" but of course naturally she would say "DaDa" first.  Needless to say it is really cute : ) 

She is a crawling machine and is also pulling up on anything she can reach.  I call her the "Kay Train" cause she never stops chuggin!  She is so full of energy and keeps me on my feet for sure!

She also loves Milly. I think they are best friends now because they follow each other around the house, and Milly is so patient with the grabs and tackles coming from Kay.  Kay sqeals with laughter every morning when we let Milly out of her crate and it makes me laugh too.

We have graduated Kay to the big bathtub instead of her baby bathtub because she was just getting too big.  And oh did she have a blast in the tub last night.  But out of all the toys I put in there for her to play with, the only thing she kept going for was the drain...haha!

Today is the first day in a long time that Joey hasn't had to work in the office on a Saturday, and the first all day we have had to spend as a family in a long time... so Kay and I are enjoying all the time we can get with Daddy!  So I'll have to keep updating later : )

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello Blog World

So I have joined the blogging crowd... but I am not a writer nor am I very technological, so mostly I just plan to write about my baby girl and post pictures, funny things, etc. 

I tried to do the blog thing once... but I think I was only doing it because everyone else was and I thought "well if you wanna be cool and you want people to know about your life... then you have a blog." 
Well.... when you realize you have nothing to blog about and that it is just dumb to write about what you ate that morning.... I thought.."why am I doing this again?" and dropped it. 

But now....

I would say my life has gotten a LOT more interesting since baby Kay came along! and instead of just posting pics on facebook of her, I think this will be better because I can actually write stories for my family to read.  So yay!   I'm excited to keep ya'll updated and hopefully I will be better about it on here instead of facebook.