Monday, April 16, 2012

The Big Move

Well, I guess the reason I haven't written on my blog in 2 months is because we have been kind of busy...

We have MOVED to a little town north of San Antonio.  The Lord has opened the door for Joey to pursue a career he has only dreamed about.  And we are on a new adventure to follow where the Lord is taking us!  I will tell more about his new job in a bit.

The past month has been full of packing boxes, unpacking boxes, trying to keep little children out of boxes, saying goodbye to dear friends, visiting both sides of family, and moving to a new town.

However, I love this town!  It is small enough that I can easily get to the grocery store, library, parks, and close enough to the big city that I can get to that if I need to also.  We were also able to get an affordable rent house that meets all our needs and beyond.  Coming from a small 2 bedroom condo, I am overwhelmed with all this space! 

The girls are transitioning pretty well, and besides Kay having a bit of trouble sleeping at night, I would say they are doing fantastic!  For me, of course saying goodbye to our church family was the hardest part of this whole thing.  We were a part of the core group that helped start this church several years ago, and we will miss them terribly!  I am resting in the Lord and praying that he will show us and guide us to a new church home soon. 

So on to why we have moved and what exactly Joey will be doing...

He will be working for a real estate company called Whitetail Properties.  They currently operate in 14 other states in the midwest and they specialize in hunting and farmland real estate.  Whitetail Properties is expanding into Texas and Joey and his best friend/ partner will be managing the startup of the company here in Texas.  Joey will be the Broker of the Texas branch and they will be recruiting and managing agents to represent each region of Texas while also doing land sales themselves. 

Whitetail Properties also has a TV show that airs on the Sportsman's Channel and  The TV show is about hunting, land management, and the Whitetail Properties listings. 

This is a clip of their 2012 reel for the TV show.  Check it out!

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So anyways... this is a pretty awesome company that will combine my husband's love of hunting with what he does for a living.  I couldn't be more excited for him, especially since he has been dreaming of this kind of opportunity for a long time.  I never thought it would happen honestly, but here we are.  We have seen the Lord at work already and will continue to trust him for the future. 

After living in the same town for 7 years, I'm getting used to new.

New house. New church.  New friends.  New water to drink.  New neighbors. New grocery stores, and libraries, and places we go everyday as a family.

Bust most of all, new beginnings : )


  1. I can only be amazed at how well you express yourself in this blog, the extent, precision, and honesty of your sharing! I loved reading about the potty-training! I'm so proud of Kay and how smart she is. I also was able to read and understand better about Joey's job. It made it clear in my mind what he's actually doing. The music adds a lot to the experience of visiting and reading your blog. Thank you for being you, Darling. I love you, Mom

  2. I sure understand. Praying the LORD continues to show his love and provision in every way. You have landed in my favorite spot in the world. :)

    Wish you had landed a bit earlier. ;)