Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Weekends

Well the month of September has been full for us and traveling every weekend.  So lots of pictures to follow!  The first weekend Joey spent at his best friends bachelor party for some man time while me and the girls went to visit my family in the country.

If you can't tell... Kay is pretty much in her element here.  There is wide open space for miles and miles, including horses, cows, cats, a dog, fish, a pet turkey, and an occasional trapped skunk or racoon.

The best thing was that cousin Rosey was there too!  They loved to jump on the bed together and look at fun dolls.

And of course we always love to see Paw Paw!  This was also Jane's first trip here and I think there will be many more to come.

The next weekend we went to Tyler to visit Joey's family and go to some friend's wedding shower.  All 7 grandchildren (plus 1 on the way) were there.  I didn't get any pictures of all the cousins but they had a great time!

Kay and Pops ridin' on the tractor all day long!

Our dear Nana and PawPaw came to visit too. 

And finally a new family picture!

And this past weekend we went back to Southeast TX so I could attend my church youth choir's 10 year reunion.  SPAM (student performing arts ministries) would travel to different churches around the country to sing and do skits, hopefully inspiring them to know Christ and maybe start their own youth choir. This was a huge part of my growing up and it was good to see old friends.  My friend Blaire and I even got to sing a duet together we used to sing while on our choir tour. These are two of my best friends, Blaire and Heather, and our music minister Mark.

 My beautiful Jane is such a joy!

Kay thinking about what she can get into next....

See I told you there was a pet turkey.... I spent alot of time trying to chase him off our NEW VAN!  Well it's not new, but its new to us and we love it!

Me and my girls : )

She is 4 months now... I am soaking up every moment.

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