Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Jane!

Our sweet little Janie is 2!

It's amazing how they go from a tiny newborn...

To an oh so cute and energetic toddler in the blink of an eye!
To celebrate Jane's birthday this year, our family, Joey's parents, and our friends Blake and Amanda went to Chuck-E-Cheese.
Jane had the time of her life, and we don't think we have ever seen her having so much fun independent of Kay (who was a bit frightened of the giant robotic mouse).

Jane LOVES kitty cats, so of course we had to have kitty cupcakes.

She loved blowing out her candles!

I love my girl!

Jane also loves Blake and Amanda!  It's really cute to see how much she adores them and always asks "Where is Blake?" randomly.

Pops and Grammy were also there to celebrate and enjoy this sweet time with her.

So at 2 years old, some of Jane's favorites are...
Babies! And now she has her own real baby sister Blaire.
Playing with her babies in action.  She is so affectionate, and loves to feed, swaddle, rock, and put them to sleep.  You might often hear her saying "It's alright baby," or "Baby want meelk?" She is gonna be such a good Mama one day!
Of course she loves her BIG sister Kay (who she calls "Tay")
She is her copycat and her parrot.  Anything Kay does or says, you can be sure to see Jane following right behind her doing or saying the same thing.  I have no doubt it is because she loves her sister so much : )  It is funny that they are such opposites in so many ways, but when they are together Jane wants to be just like big sis.  We will see how long this copycat phase lasts : )
Her favorite songs are...Deck the Halls (we sing Christmas songs year round around here!) and Wheels on the Bus, (or Round and Round as she calls it)
She loves loves loves to read books and loves pretty much any book with babies, cats, or animals.
She knows her shapes, a few colors, and can sing her ABC's in a cute 2yr old way : )
 She has a definite strong willed streak in her, but will also be quick to obedience once told to do so. 
We have made great progress with bedtime routines lately, and that is just a sign for me that she is maturing more and more and learning to be independent from Mommy, who she still thinks she needs to be quite attached to : )
Janie, you are my sweet sugar and my sunshine.  Your toddler cuteness is too much for me sometimes, and I am savoring this season with you.  Happy Birthday Sweetie, Momma loves you!

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