Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Fun

Sorry it has been a while! I guess I've been a one post a month type writer lately : )

We have had a great summer full of backyard playin, pool time, popsicles, trips to the library and many other fun things.   The weather here in the hill country is much different than where I've spent most of my life in East Texas.  The humidity is almost non existent compared to East Texas, and time spent outside in the summer is actually quite enjoyable here : )

The girls are growing up so fast, with Kay starting some preschool this month and doing great, and Jane just blossoming into a chattering toddler.  We joined a church this month and are beginning to make some great friends.

We did some traveling to see family this summer.  We went to visit my new niece who is oh so adorable, and said goodbye to Joey's grandfather who passed away.  We rejoice that he is now with Jesus and has truly passed from death to life.

Jane is 15 months old and quite the social butterfly.  She is independent, sassy, funny, and still my cuddly little baby.  On the 5 1/2 hour trips to see family, sometimes the only way she was pacified is if she was holding my hand.  She is such a Mama's girl and needs that physical touch so much more than Kay ever did or does.

I just can't believe Kay will be 3 in a few months.  I mentioned she is beginning a bit of preschool formally, and that just consists of some preschool workbooks I ordered where she practices drawing lines and such, alphabet and number review, a few sight word flashcards I made, journaling daily pictures, and her memory verses I either choose or we work on through Truth and Grace workbooks.  I also have been teaching her a hymn of the month and we just sing it often throughout the day.  She loves singing and music, so this is fun for both of us : )  She is working on recognizing musical instruments and picks that up very quickly when we listen to different music.  So that is in a nutshell what includes her preschool.  She is just a fast learner and loves learning and I am so thankful I am the one who is able to teach her these things and be the one to watch her learn.

This summer has not been without its challenges and the Lord is stretching our faith in many ways lately, but we are blessed beyond what we deserve and grateful for the grace He gives.

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