Saturday, June 9, 2012

Late May Update!

Hello everyone!  We "misplaced" our camera cord that loads the pictures onto our computer.  I searched the house high and low for that thing and we finally found it today in a bag.   Now for an incredibly late update for the month of May!

On May 18, Jane turned 1!

Jane at a few days old....                                                                

And now a year later!

We celebrated with family and friends and rejoiced in our little Sunshine : )

I found these doilies in a garage sale and thought it would be cute to make a banner.

Picture banner from birth to now.  I feel like just yesterday she was born!

Yummy cupcakes : )

Sis/Cousin love

Yellow onesie dress I made her.  She had to have a yellow party dress!

Her first taste of cupcake!

Someone else enjoyed the cupcakes too!

Lots of presents!

Happy birthday sweet Jane.  You really are my sunshine and add so much joy to this Mama's heart : ) You are very cuddly and there are days when we both need that! 

You are curious and if we ever find you missing, you are for sure to be playing in the toilet....
You are almost walking...
Sleeping good at night...
Still nursing...
Happy with a baby doll in your arms and is your toy of choice...
Beans and bananas are your favorite foods...
You can't stand to drink the Elderberry syrup I made but I will continue to give it to you : )
You love your sister!
You say Mama, Dada, uh oh, bye bye, up, nana (night night) and mimic lots of animal sounds.  
You are now in cloth diapers...(future post on how that is going : ))
You love people and have not yet been afraid of a are known to grab the hands of waitresses when we go out to eat and everyone oohs and aahs at your blue eyes.

We love you so much Janey girl!

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  1. I am amazed at how big and more beautiful Kay and Jane have gotten! Jane's hair is so blonde!!! We love you and miss you Bellingtons!