Monday, December 19, 2011

Jane at 7 Months!

Well, my little Miss Jane is 7 months old.  I'm kind of in shock but I knew it would happen : )  Some recent milestones for you Jane...

Last month you.... sat up, started not just scooting but scooting Super fast, and ate baby food for about 4 days... you had a 4 day baby food streak.

This month... you will not touch baby food... at all.  You won't even open your mouth to try it and are pretty stubborn about it.  But one day you will figure out that eating food is a marvelous thing and you will dig in. 

You weigh 18 pounds and are still in the 85th percentile.  You and Kay now wear the same size diaper and some clothes. 

You have battled a cold that turned into a chest infection that you are still taking antibiotics for.  We hope you never have to suffer like this again... or at least for a long time! You've been taking 2-3 naps a day...and sleep has been hard since you have been sick.  But we moved your sister to a toddler bed so you now get to sleep in a crib instead of a pack-and-play.  Hooray!

You still are the happiest baby and love people, and everyone loves your smile.  Especially Mommy : )  And you have figured out when I am near and lunge for me if we make eye contact.  It's all about the eye contact!

When you are unhappy or don't like something you growl at us... hopefully that will end as you get older... for both of our sake : )

You have gotten attached to your giraffe toy we got you.  And I started giving it to you when you go to sleep now and it helps soothe you... replacing your pacifier since you won't take one anymore.

You are such a joy and delight and you make every day a little more fun.  Mommy is so thankful for you Sunshine : )


  1. How are you and Nash now closer to a year than a newborn?! Slow down you two... and you have almost caught up to him in weight! Only 15 ounces to go!! :) Love you sweet girl!

  2. She is just precious!!! Can't believe how big she is now.