Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Love! Happy Birthday My Darling!

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Four years ago today I married my best friend.  This man sums up everything I ever wanted in a husband and more!  We were 21 when we got married and just crazy kids who thought we knew about life, love, struggle, and selflessness.  Oh how we have grown in just 4 years!  God has changed us SO much it is unreal!!!  I am so thankful for how he has used this marriage to grow our faith, test our faith, renew our faith, and completely change our views on what faith really means. 

This marriage has taught us what sacrifice means... through the adding of children and realizing life isn't meant to revolve around us and our comforts, pleasures, vacation plans, size of our house, and what we think we know best.  God is so good and faithful and He can be trusted in all things!  Not just the easy things!

This marriage has taught us how to die to ourself daily and consider the needs of another higher than ourselves.  And my husband spoils me.  Joey you really spoil me... but I don't complain about it!

You are the most chilvalrous man I have ever met... how lucky am I? 
You always open doors for me...
Carry my bags and never expect me to load the minivan for 4 people...
You open my ketchup packets at restaurants... : )
You always let me pick where we want to eat out....
You always offer to carry the 18lb child in her carseat so I don't have to struggle doing it.
You are always quick to help me if I ask....(except maybe at 3:00 a.m. but only because you are a heavy sleeper : ))
You only have eyes for me...I trust you completely.
You will scrub a sick child's throwup off the carpet so I don't have to....that deserves an award I think!
You always think of me and the girls first and I know you desire to protect us, lead us, and provide for us.
You are so big and strong I know you could protect me from any danger...that is so comforting to me.
You know I hate to grill things and it just happens that you love to grill.  A match made in Heaven!
You make me laugh.
You listen to me.
You will watch a movie with me even if you don't want to watch it.
You want to see me happy and will die to yourself so I can be.
You are wise beyond your years and lead me in the knowledge of Christ.
You lead our family in worship.
You are incredibly humble.
You have an amazing parents and family who I'm blessed to call my own.
You are gentle but strong...laid back but crazy...and a total softy around your daughters!
Kay and Jane are crazy about you!

I can't wait to see how much we grow in the future together and I pray God will use our marriage to continually point to Jesus and how much he loves us.

There will be good times, hard times, sad times, and crazy times ahead...and I can't wait to go through all of it with you!

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!!

Happy Birthday Kay!

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Two years ago you introduced me to motherhood.  That day you were born marks one of the all time best days of my entire life!  I was on cloud nine and nothing could stop that.  You have brought joy, laughter, and love into my life like I never imagined possible.  Only a mother can understand what I am talking about.  There is nothing on Earth like it and I am so thankful God entrusted you to my care.  To know this joy of motherhood. 

You are such a happy child.  You really are so goofy, and from the time you were a baby you have had this personality that loves to joke and make others laugh.  Only those closest to you have seen that side of you though because you are quite shy around people.  You have recently begun to come out of your shell around others though and can be quite outgoing and charming. 

You have the sweetest little voice... the sweetest voice I think I have ever heard.  I used to imagine what your voice would sound like and it sure is sweet!  My favorite thing to hear you say is "I'm awake Mommy, I'm AWAAAKE!" in the mornings.  When I hear that I just can't help but smile even if I'm so tired : )

You are still very smart and love to learn.  You have started to ask, "What's this?" all the time and we could read books for hours if I would let you.  You love to read!

You already serve our family so well and help me with Jane alot.  You can throw things away for me, wipe up her spit up, pick up toys for her, get diapers for me, and the list goes on.

I see you growing up so fast, and it makes me sad, but on the other hand I look forward to us forming such a close knit relationship.  A mother and daughter who laugh together, serve together, cook and clean together, read together, learn together, cry together, share dreams together, and love God together. 

You are my firstborn and will always hold that special place in my heart.

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