Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Toilet and A Wedding

Well... I know moms everywhere always have stories of how their children are drawn to the toilet... some seeming compelled to throw things into the toilet.. because of course its a huge hole with water in it so why not? 

I have caught Kay throwing empty medicine bottles in the toilet once... and while fun it was for her, I made sure she knew that throwing things into the toilet is not an option and that there would be further consequences for her actions should she do it again. 

Today I am upstairs and I notice quietness.... that is never a good thing especially if Kay is out of my sight.  So I walk in the bathroom with suspicion and I see Kay standing by the toilet smiling.... I look inside the toilet and find her little hand splashing around in the water playing with a piece of left behind toilet paper....GROSS!   (at least it wasn't poop I thought and I could have imagined worse).

I have the feeling this is just the beginning of the nasty toilet stories I will have to tell in the future. haha!
She can be mischevious... but she has such a sweet personality that it just makes me melt!

On another note, here are some pictures from Cale and Jessie's wedding we went to this weekend.

 Doesn't Joey look handsome?

Kay ready to go with Silky Bear in hand!

My mom came and watched Kay a while and helped me make the Groom's Cakes for the wedding.  We got it done and she was a huge help cleaning up in the kitchen.  Thanks Mom!

Some Daddy Daughter dancing... I think Kay was wondering what kind of dancing some people were doing haha.  

Mommy and Kay awaiting the couple to depart!

Conratulations Cale and Jessie! We love ya'll and are so happy for you and your new life together!

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