Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Toddler & A Getaway

This past weekend 2 great things happened.....

Kay started walking!  She has been able to walk for a while but has been too timid to let go of our fingers... but this weekend she just let go and hasn't wanted to crawl since! I can't believe I can call my baby a toddler now...she is really getting big and saying new words all the time.

This was taken as we were leaving for the 2nd great thing... Joey and I's babymoon weekend. 
Joey's parents graciously offered to keep Kay for a weekend so we could have a getaway before Jane comes.  So we pricelined a hotel and got the Adolphus in downtown Dallas for a VERY good price!  It was the fanciest hotel by far that either of us have been to and we felt very pampered. 

There was a full day of shopping (mostly window shopping lol)  and Joey was so patient with me as we went to about 20 different stores trying to find a dress for me! haha.  It would have helped if we could have actually been looking in maternity stores instead of trying to fit into a regular dress : ) .   We finally found one at the end of the shopping day and my feet were killing me!

This was me at 27 weeks pregnant with Kay on our babymoon in San Marcos....

And I thought it was neat that I was 27 weeks pregnant this time too!

We were also there for my best friend Blaire's surprise engagement party.  Congratulations Blaire and Dwight! I can't wait for the wedding : )

It was a nice refreshing time for just Joey and I and for just "me" time... but I discovered that "me" time isn't near as fulfilling as it used to be.  Being a mommy brings way more joy and fulfillment to my life and the Lord has grown me through not having the "me" time I sometimes think I need. 

Besides... being with these two is way more fun : )

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