Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update Week 22

I went in for my 22 week checkup and all was well!  For those of you who don't know...
It's a GIRL!  At our 18 week ultrasound I was totally expecting to see a baby boy... and was very shocked to find a girl.  I cried through the whole ultrasound because I was so happy and surprised! 

For the name...... Jane Abigail.
I love the name means "God is gracious."  I can only pray that she will experience God's grace in her life and that she will come to know Jesus Christ as her redeemer and savior. 

For some pregnancy updates:

This has been a great pregnancy so far and I am feeling pretty good. 
Size of Jane: A little over 1 lb and almost 12 inches from head to toe.
Baby's Heart Rate: 150 beats per minute.
Pregnancy Cravings: Not really many... except an occasional Cinnabon Cinnamon roll. (guilty!)

I am much bigger this go round, seeing as I was just starting to show at 22 weeks with Kay.  It's not a bad thing at all though and I enjoy feeling pregnant.

She is very very active and I feel like she is moving constantly, which I love of course! 
Joey has felt her move several times as well : )

Kay doesn't really understand that she is gonna have a baby sister... although she enjoys lifting up my shirt to see my protruding belly button... and then finds hers haha!

All in all, I am thrilled to be having another girl and I know Kay and Jane will be the best of friends.  Until next time... I will be working to keep this sweet girl out of trouble : )

Caught red handed! She really really likes goldfish crackers......


  1. Awww, congrats! Another beautiful baby girl is on the way :-). Gives moms like me who have all boys great comfort that at least the world is balanced. I love her name too! Silas would have been Chloe Jane if he had been a girl. You look beautiful, enjoy this quiet growing time~!

  2. I'm so glad we are so close in our pregnancy's and that our "big" girls can play!! Y'all are a blessing to us!!